Terms and Conditions

Product Availability

The plantain is imported from Ecuador. Delays and equipment failure may occur. When the container arrives port the contents have to be scrutinized by Japan Customs Bureau. The Quarantine office will also check for importation compliance. In our warehouse the contents will undergo quality inspections. Please be aware that our ability to deliver the product to you may be affected by the results of these procedures.

In the event that we have to cancel an order we will send a cancellation message by email and sms text. Please make sure that the data you provide in the order is correct. If you provide incorrect data you may not receive this communication.

Handling of Fresh Products 

Once the box is dispatched from the warehouse, we recommend delivery within 24-48 hours especially during the warm spring and summer seasons.

If you require ripe plantain do not order green plantain. Make sure to store your plantain in ideal conditions. Season and weather conditions may dictate the rate of ripening.

During the autumn and winter seasons green plantain will not ripen naturally. This is due to cold and dry conditions.

During the spring and summer seasons green plantain may ripen rapidly. This is due to the hot and humid conditions.


Ripe and mixed boxes are made to order. Green plantain is stored in a different location to the ripe plantain. Ripe plantain is processed in the ripening chamber. We require approximately 5-7 days to complete the maturation process. Once you have placed your order please refrain from changes or cancellation. As soon as your box is ready, we aim to dispatch the box from the warehouse on the same day.

If you order contains ripe plantain, depending on the season, you may receive semi ripe fruit. Simply place the box in a warm location for maturation to complete.

Between October to July if you require ripe plantain, when stock is available please make sure to select either the ripe or mixed boxes.

Between July to September if you order green plantain when delivered immediately store in a cool location between 8-14 degrees Celsius.

*We do not recommend storing green plantain for an extended time in order for ripen the fruit.

**If you order green plantain green plantain will be delivered in the box. If you order ripe plantain ripe plantain will be delivered in the box. 

Late Delivery

Some regions experience delivery delay due to missed connections such as airplanes or ferries. Kansai regions such as Kobe, Kyoto and Nara may experience delivery delays for early morning delivery. Okayama may experience delaivery delays due to missed ferry connections. Okinawa, Fukuoka, Nagazaki and Hokkaido may experience delivery delays due to adverse weather conditions and missed flights. As soon as we detect delays we will strive to send a SMS text message to the mobile phone number provided in the order.

Claims Policy

In the event of a claim please choose a method in the contact page to contact us within 24-48 hours of receiving the product. If an item is damaged during shipping, is defective, or is not what you ordered, we will do our best to make it right. Make sure to send images of the plantains inside the box within 24-48 hours of the delivery day displayed in the order.

We can offer you a replacement of the product (depending on stock availability), we can offer you credit in your next order (recommended) or we can refund you an agree amount via bank transfer or postal office bank transfer.

We do not accept returns or exhanges.

We do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons such as the customer was unavailable to receive the order in a timely manner, the customer placed a wrong order, the customer did not check the price of the item or the customer had a different feeling from what was expected. If you wish to return an item for your own reasons (this is not recommended), please pay the shipping costs. We thank you for your understanding.

Out of Stock – Request for Arrival Notification

When a product is out of stock you may request arrival notification by SMS text message and/or email.

Make sure to complete the out of stock request for arrival notification form completely and correctly.

SMS Text Message

Check that the mobile telephone number you have provided is correct and free of error. The SMS text notification requires a Japan registered mobile telephone number starting with the 3 digits 070, 080 or 090. In total there should be 11 digits.
International mobile numbers will not receive arrival notification. 

Internet I.P. numbers beginning with the 3 digits 050 will not receive arrival notification. 

SMS text notifications will only be sent in the month requested.

When you receive SMS text message do not reply. Follow the instructions and link provided to place your order as quickly as possible.

Email Message

Check that the email address you provide is correct and free of syntax error. Unverified email addresses will not receive arrival notification.

Bounced email addresses will not receive arrival notification.

Email notifications will be sent each time there is new stock.

Please do not reply to the arrival notice sent by email. 

Please do not reply to the confirmation message sent by email. Please use the contact page in this website.

The confirmation message you receive by email is the receipt issued by the website. Please retain or print a copy if you require proof of purchase. We are unable to issue a separate receipt.


If you want to unsubscribe from our mailing list simply select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the latest notification.


For cash on delivery payments provide a picture of a bank or post office book that clearly shows the institution details including name, account number and account holder name. Credit card payments will be refunded via Stripe payment systems and confirmed by email.